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Jaguar glove box lock with key code number stamped on the base of the lock. I can re-key the lock insert if the lock has been changed. Also photocopy of directions to remove the lock insert out of the ignition switch. You have to insert the key and press the BRASS pin on the side of the switch.

Hexagonal head key & T head shape bottom
Keys are stamped "UNION"

I can de-code a cut key based on a good photo or a tracing of your present key. 


Good picture of a American key blank, de-coded based on the cut of the key.

Top,wilmot breeden keys stamped UNION and different head shapes. The 2nd row Sunbeam keys, Rootes, L & F or Stebor keys. Come in RM, RL and ST series.Bottom row, Bilfix key, left side & NGN keys word UNION on the back

Sample of wilmot breeden keys, Stamp Union on the key with Hexagonal, Round and Rectangle (T head) shape. The MRN, FNR, FA, FP, on come in Round or T head shape; EJR key come in Round head only.