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Member of car clubs, payment and Jaguar sign with information on keys.

You can find me at local British car shows on the East coast as a vendor.  I do like to attend the big auto flea markets in Hershey and Carlisle, Penna as a buyer of British car related items. If you have a item you are looking for, may want to contact me.

Any inquiry, include a send self address envelop (SASE). If you order make check or money order payable to Pete Groh.

I will mail key order overseas. I do have a PayPal account with
additional fee paid by the car owner.


Jaguar dealership sign and license plate original purchased from a Austin Healey car owner stationed in the UK.

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  • Some information about the owner. I am a member of the Triumph Registar of America (TRA), Vintage Triumph Registar (VTR) and the Nash Metropolitan club. My membership also includes the local Austin Healey club, Capital Healeys and the National Club.
    Austin Healey Club of America Club
    Vintage Triumph Registar Club
    Triumph Register of America Club

  • I also sell automobilia at the car show, including NOS parts, Literature, car models, license plates, key fobs, old car trophy's and both MG and Triumph dealership signs. Have a good selection of auto crest keys for american cars, and the Jaguar wing keys; MG crest keys, and the aftermarket British Leyland "L" swirl keys.